partake in

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The UCC Wednesday said it would partake in a planned demonstration Monday.
At times it includes the hours in which young girls go out or the social activities that they are allowed to partake in.
Under the schedule, Algerian companies and economic operators will partake in the international fairs of Khartoum (Sudan) in February, Cairo (Egypt) in March, Tripoli (Libya) from 2 to 12 April, Paris (France) from 29 April to 9 May, and Damascus (Syria) in July-August.
An eruv incorporates homes into a larger territory, allowing observant Orthodox Jews to partake in activities outside their homes that would ordinarily be prohibited on the Jewish Sabbath, such as pushing a baby stroller.
Don't underestimate the power of inviting someone to partake in one of the most essential practices of life: chowing down
Where his earlier work has deflected outsiders' romantic projections onto Native American culture, "The Dream Hat Ritual" invited viewers to partake in a ceremonial space.
Pucci doesn't set himself apart in the work, but his singular, foxy personality lights up the proceedings, and the dancers who elsewhere partake in largely sedate works reflect his brightness winningly.
Lafayette, the unofficial French-speaking capital of Louisiana, hosts the most elaborate parades outside of New Orleans, and is an exciting place to partake in the time-honored Courir du Mardi Gras, in which townspeople run door to door in search of ingredients for a giant, community gumbo cook-off, complete with live music and dancing.
KUWAIT, April 7 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's national karate team will partake in the 13th GCC junior and youth tournament to be held in Dubai next Thursday, said a statement here Tuesday.
NNA - 24/9/2012 National Education and Higher Learning Minister Hassan Diab left Beirut on Monday, heading to the Jordanian capital, Amman, to partake in the forum for senior educational policy makers in the Arab countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean.
Manama: March 4, (BNA) The Civil Service Bureau (CSB) is scheduled to partake in the 12th Careers' Day tomorrow (Monday 5, March 2012).
Summary: Algeria will partake in the 37th session Arab Labour Conference from 6 to 13 March in Manama (Bahrain), said Friday the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security in a statement.