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Upon these platters he placed two goodly portions of the contents of the pie, thus imparting the unusual interest to the entertainment that each partaker scooped out the inside of his plate, and consumed it with his other fare, besides having the sport of pursuing the clots of congealed gravy over the plain of the table, and successfully taking them into his mouth at last from the blade of his knife, in case of their not first sliding off it.
Partakers of the Divine: Contemplation and the Practice of Philosophy.
The other partakers in the mentioned scam including incumbent Vice Chancellor Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan Prof Dr.
e Last Days of the Raj restaurant at Dinnington, on the outskirts of Newcastle, is dishing up a feast t for a king or queen, courtesy of a special banquet which oPSers partakers a surprise selection of everything from soups and starters to mains, sides and sundries.
Christian unity is achieved when we walk with Christ and become partakers in his sufferings and, ultimately, in his blessed Resurrection.
Even older partakers of The Shack's smoky goodness recall its original location on the south side of the Capitol grounds, at Seventh and Bishop streets, established in 1934 by Kessler "Casey" Slaughter.
The group is hoping for an outdoor park for freerunning with fully tarmacked facilities, big structures and scaffolding for partakers to jump from.
According to the archival documents, Mikhail Gorbachev clearly said to the partakers that there were two alternatives: reforms or decay (AA, f.
VanDrunen's most controversial claim, however, may be his insistence that Christians, in an ultimate sense, are no longer under the natural law because they are partakers of eschatological life by their union with Christ.
The talent search is not particularly banking on amateur fighters as it already has 11 partakers coming from the Invicta promotion including its former champion Carla Esparza.
Let us therefore purposefully become an informed nation and engaging nation in order to become masters of our future and partakers of decision making--in all walks of our lives.
Those who support Israel must be exposed, and those who facilitate the Israeli occupation and sustain its war machine are partakers in the war crimes committed daily in Gaza and the rest of Palestine.