partial excuse

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The dominant scholarly view holds that provocation is best explained and defended as a partial excuse on the grounds that the killer's inflamed emotional state so compromised his ability to conform his conduct to the demands of reason and law as to render him substantially less blameworthy for his conduct.
A team full of absentees, due to injury, retirement and suspension, was a partial excuse for the failure to find a way through Montenegro's blanket defence.
Moreover, although they wisely created a legal category of defensive homicide, which serves as a safety net for abuse survivors whom a jury does not want to acquit, (24) they did not make sufficiently clear that this mitigating doctrine could be conceived as a partial justification based on a moral judgment about the reasons the defendant killed, rather than as a partial excuse for irrationality.
There was a partial excuse for Sunderland's first given Micah Richards had just gone down with an injury that ultimately hastened his exit.
The fact that many of the foreign governments demanding this have completely failed to address the historical crimes of their own countries is a partial excuse for this but not an C adequate one.
Coach Mike Holmgren 2006 9-7 QB Matt Hasselbeck RB Shaun Alexander Seattle were extremely unlucky not to win the Super Bowl two years ago, and can use a variety of injuries as at least a partial excuse for last season's drop-off.
First, the criminal law should adopt a generic partial excuse to crime that might well apply to cases of addiction-related crime.
Thus, when a homicide defendant "decides to make his or her anger grounds for retaliation"--that is, when retaliation stemming from extreme anger is the defendant's adopted reason for action--Horder believes that the claim for a partial excuse of provocation is weaker than when "a loss of self-control is merely the explanatory reason for the retaliatory conduct.
Howard could justifiably point to the number of bodies in a crowded penalty area as a partial excuse for his failure to collect Juninho's long-range free-kick but, given he got a clean hold on the ball before he dropped it straight into Cris' path, the blame was still firmly his.
The question--or what is generally taken to be the question--is whether the provocation claim is better classified for purposes of the internal taxonomy of the criminal law as a partial excuse or as a partial justification.
And Vogts himself revealed that the pair were in his thoughts when he used the absence of his Wolves duo as a partial excuse for his side's poor display against the Kiwis.

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