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For the base case scenario the power of oxygen partial pressure was chosen one (see Eq.
where Ko2 represents the adsorption equilibrium constant for oxygen and po2 partial pressure of oxygen.
c) for a deflector with constant dimensions, increase in flow discharge lead to increase in negative partial pressure of flow.
It may be observed that only the partial pressures of H2 at 230[degrees]C (Figure 2) could not be well represented by the model for low contact times (< 0.
Figure 5 depicts dependency of partial pressure on reaction rate.
A detailed characterization of the plasma is desirable in many applications where the diagnostics of temperature and partial pressure is an inevitable precondition.
For the 100 percent relative humidity case, we need to consult a thermodynamics "steam table," from which we learn the partial pressure due to water vapor is 0.
High and stable temperatures are the main characteristic of this dry region, located at 420 meters below sea level, beneficiating also from high barometric pressure (800 mm Hg), and therefore from a higher oxygen partial pressure.
Phasein manufactures ultra-compact mainstream and sidestream capnography, multi-gas analyzers, and handheld solutions for capnometry--the monitoring of the concentration or partial pressure of carbon dioxide (C[O.
For oxygen, the NeoFox Phase Fluorometer measures the partial pressure of dissolved or gaseous oxygen; for pH, a miniature fibre optic spectrometer measures the colorimetric (absorbance) response of the pH dye.
In the lungs, the partial pressure of oxygen is high, and oxygen binds to hemoglobin, whereas in the tissues the partial pressure is lower, and the oxygen is released as required.

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