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Therefore, the relative uncertainty in partial pressure determination scales with upper level energy [E.sub.u].
and the equilibrium partial pressure of oxygen over oxide [M.sub.x] [O.sub.y] is
In agreement with the simulation (Figure 9), both the total pressure and the partial pressure of oxygen decline dramatically as the bacterial respiration exerts its influence on the chemical equilibrium.
Experimental conditions of WO for the removal of lignin from an aqueous solution Parameter Value Lignin concentration 100-600 mg/L Experimental time 120 min Oxygen partial pressure 0.5-1.5 MPa Temperature range 110-190[degrees]C pH 5-12 Table 2.
Kinetics of nitrogen absorption by molten vanadium was studied at temperature values 2273 and 2473 K and different levels of nitrogen partial pressure in gas phase.
The effective diffusion coefficients were determined by means of a curve-fitting procedure; the gas partial pressure was measured by use of the classical GC technique and by means of a new method based on infrared spectroscopy (Fourier-transformed infrared analysis [FT-IR]).
Actual hydrogen concentration is calculated from hydrogen partial pressure and thermal conductivity measured by these methods.
The partial pressure of oxygen in brain tissue involves placement of sensors within the area where it is anticipated ischemia will occur.
Another important factor is that the partial pressure of [O.sub.2] also decreases with a decrease in P.
With a full menu that encompasses pH, partial pressure of oxygen, partial pressure of carbon dioxide, sodium, potassium, ionized calcium, hematocrit, glucose, lactate, creatinine, chloride, and BUN and TC02, clinicians can get a comprehensive view of patients' results quickly.
Data collected included date of visit, age, species, sex, type (pet, free ranging, or wild kept in captivity), body weight, body condition score, diagnosis, procedure, American Society of Anesthesiologists status, premedication used for anesthesia, drug for anesthetic induction, type of maintenance anesthesia, route and type of fluid administration, volumes of crystalloid and colloid fluids administered, intraoperative events, estimated blood loss, duration of anesthesia, surgery duration, recovery time, recovery notes, whether birds survived to hospital discharge, time of death, total cost of hospitalization, cost of anesthesia, and nadir and peak values for heart rate, end-tidal partial pressure of carbon dioxide, concentration of inhaled anesthetic, and body temperature.
Results: Twelve hours after treatment, the partial pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygenation index decreased significantly (P<0.05), and PaO and ratio of arterial/pulmonary oxygen partial pressures increased significantly (P<0.05).

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