partial similarity

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In step 2, each party performs partial similarity calculation over only available ratings.
In the case of a nominal predictor and matching classes, the partial similarity equals one.
If the difference is greater than one, partial similarity is assigned a zero value.
Finally, the principle of metaphoricity applies to a partial similarity between a base and its derivative, as in the pair hate--to hate, the elements of which do not show the analogy of structure (they are morphotactically unanalysable) but the analogy of meaning.
A possible query evaluation strategy is then as follows: fetch the document information for the document with the highest partial similarity (determined by term weight and in-document frequency); extract per-passage information for that term from the document; and update the accumulators of each of these passages.
We can also keep a heap of unprocessed passage information, ordered by decreasing partial similarity.
While the semantics of partial similarity used in these approaches are desirable, most of the problems mentioned above remain.
Matches to an ideal pattern at any level will rarely be exact, due to mutations and various genetic rearrangements, thus a differential measure of partial similarity is used to gauge overall plausibility.
9] Tan X, Chen S, Li J and Zhou Z-H, "Learning non-metric partial similarity based on maximal margin criterion," in Proc.

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