partial truth

See: evasion
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All of them offered only partial truth because all had only partial knowledge of the beast.
Of course, most parents argue that it is because they are so distracted by their "gadgets", peers, etc, which is the partial truth.
Soft computing approach is inspired by natural systems and human mind, and allows for degrees of imprecision, uncertainty and partial truth, Soft computing system design is often complementary to hard-computing systems.
As is common with those persons a partial truth is used to give a false impression.
What Caplan has done, in common with all ideologues, is to take a one-sided and partial truth and treat it as if it is an absolute and unconditional truth.
Soft computing refers to methods that exploit tolerance for imprecision, uncertainty, and partial truth to achieve tractability, robustness, and low cost.
In its report, Reuters used an old tactic which is telling partial truth and strives to present Setad -- an important and charitable institution -- to its audience in the way that it wants.
In modern times we are used to seeing the world mapped out in a particular way, a partial truth that is only exacerbated by modern technologies, such as GoogleEarth.
By contrast, fuzziness conveys all the information we have about an event, which most often ends up expressed as a partial truth.
If you saw even a partial truth in any of these situations, you need to think about your ambitions and your possibilities.
Models as Mediators (Cambridge 1999) and Newton DaCosta and Steven French's Science and Partial Truth (Oxford 2003), found no place in his bibliography.
The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) said Chaudhry Shujaat has revealed only the partial truth.