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Canete from the case for manifest partiality and hostility towards the victim.
Partiality or favouritism is the worst sin of injustice perpetuated in religious houses from where mercy runs out through the backdoor.
I contend that challenges to adjudicators' appearance of partiality are well positioned to be part of the new wave of structural challenges to the administrative state.
The Federal Arbitration Act is clear that an award may be vacated where (1) the award was procured by corruption, fraud, or undue means or (2) where there was evident partiality or corruption in the arbitration, or either of them.
The seat of the arbitration is also a key consideration at the time of contracting, especially in light of the circuit split over the meaning of "evident partiality.
If only to cast doubts of partiality, the President should prioritize the appointment of insiders to vacant Comelec posts," the group said in a statement.
HYDERABAD -- A spokesman of University of Sindh (SU) Jamshoro has refuted the allegations levelled against the University management by Reformist Group regarding partiality in its Syndicate election.
Later on Friday, however, Argentina's economy ministry issued a statement accusing Griesa of "clear partiality in favor of the vulture funds.
Had he done the same earlier, the Congress would have not faced such an embarrassment, but the Congress talking about partiality in the House is laughable," said Raut.
With the conclusion that the presidential elections were peaceful and non-violent elections, it is still hard to say whether they were fair and democratic, this assessment is due to the partiality of the media and the non-distinction of the state and partisan activity in the campaign.
The administrative court suspended for three times works of ISIE, for partiality of the authority and non-compliance with the evaluation grid.
Global Banking News-December 10, 2013--Los Angeles accuses banks of partiality

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