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Although average participant case difficulty ratings were not significantly correlated with identification of functional hypothesis (rs = -.
To immerse the participants in the thorny technical and management issues surrounding system of systems integration, we use another case study, "Joint Strike Fighter Interoperability.
For example, one participant mentioned a desire for a romantic partner who is pretty, and who demonstrates strength and independence by taking care of herself and her children without the support of others:
Throughout the interviews, it became clear that there were some questions that were being answered in similar ways by every participant.
Each participant's profit-sharing account (but not amounts in the participant's MRA) is available for distribution to the participant after severance from employment with M.
Participants in the focus groups and public deliberations felt that freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and a system of checks and balances are "extremely important to protect.
The majority of participants expressed high levels of interest in evaluating their programs but believed they needed more training in evaluation procedures.
If a plan participant who leaves a publicly traded company is a key employee (a "specified employee"), distributions cannot occur until six months after service ends (or at death).
Emphasizing communities makes it possible to engage pre-existing social organizations and networks in evaluating (and possibly modifying) ethical protections and recruitment strategies, in assisting in participant recruitment and liaison, in actually collecting some study information, and in helping construct local interpretations of the information collected (Sharp and Foster 2000).
The Institute's courses enable participants to develop the skills and thought processes necessary for deciding how best to allocate scarce resources among abundant alternatives under conditions of uncertainty.
A participant may receive a distribution from a nonqualified deferred compensation plan when the participant separates from service.
Six variables best predicted whether a participant would take the organ donation brochure.