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If the amendment terminates a participant's interest but not the plan itself, then only the payout to that individual will be considered a taxable distribution.
Participants in the adult sample were recruited from two sites, a large suburban private dental practice specializing in periodontics and a large urban dental school clinic.
Although average participant case difficulty ratings were not significantly correlated with identification of functional hypothesis (rs = -.41, p = ns), difficulty ratings were significantly correlated with treatment selections (rs = -.8, p<.001, 1-tailed) across cases.
Participants were 15 volunteers enrolled in a Midwestern day treatment facility for young people identified as having severe emotional disturbance.
In a silent, dimly lit room, each participant induced a self-hypnotic state under three conditions,while lying on a bed, pedaling a stationary bicycle at a comfortable rate, and sitting on a stationary bicycle equipped with a motor that propelled the pedals, moving participants' feet at a moderate rate.
These characteristics include employment (without status designation for certain jobs), financial independence, intelligence (school- and street-based), a supportive personality and a positive attitude toward the participant and the relationship (no "fussing" or "nagging").
All of the participant's children had attended preschool before entering Kindergarten.
In addition to conventional media relations and advertising opportunities, sponsors are benefiting from e-mail promotion and Internet marketing strategies such as banner ads and e-newsletters, as well as access to participant mailing lists and post-event data.
By including this breach in VFC, the DOL has increased the number of covered transactions involving participant loans to four.
However, participant observation in naturalistic settings is emerging as a technique that is particularly well suited to studying young children in a variety of contexts.
The data suggest that health expectations are consistent with the health determinants identified by the participants. Expected health outcomes related to aging were linked with "wear and tear" caused by the physical work performed by the participants, stress involved in meeting work and family demands, and overall lifestyle.
When a participant fails to affirmatively elect a direct payment or direct rollover for a mandatory distribution after March 27, 2005, the plan administrator can delay the distribution and, thus, the automatic rollover, until as late as Dec.