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In this program, participating laboratories are provided with subsamples from a source of a suitable degree of homogeneity, which they are expected to test at comparable levels of competence.
12) A participating interest does not include a debt or a derivative contract, unless the contract can be settled through the delivery of a participating interest in an NRE.
The duration of staying in an initial, low paying job is lower for those in a subsidy program than for those who are not participating in a wage subsidy program.
In other words, a policy that deters students or bans them outright from participating in extracurricular activities isn't just bad for students, it's bad for society.
For each participating hospital, we calculated the ratio between the number of daily reports received and the number of expected reports.
I am not a defender of either participating whole life or universal life, but I can think of several caveats that should be considered before claiming that the choice of a particular product design is the important driver in a customer's expected yield.
Until then, participating countries can continue using their own currencies at an exchange rate fixed to the euro.
Because the experimental intervention is a cash benefit and Medicaid law does not permit direct cash payments to clients, the state Medicaid programs participating in the Cash and Counseling Demonstration must obtain special "1115" research and demonstration waivers from the Health Care Financing Administration.
Another benefit of participating actively in professional associations
Through an agreement with the participating school districts, the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) donated office space in its downtown Syracuse headquarters to serve as the New Vision classroom.
Chronic pain, poor self-esteem, and cultural barriers also proved to be significant barriers to participating in a supportive employment program.
The financing was truly an international one with participating banks from Germany, Great Britain and France.

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