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Whenever formal political procedure takes place, debate about participation rates and levels of civic engagement becomes more vocal.
But because the city owns the land under the project and has an equity participation through cash flow and profits on any sale or refinancing, the city essentially had an interest in helping the developer secure the lowest possible cost financing.
The Company also holds strategic participations in AsiaSat in Asia, Star One and Nahuelsat in Latin America, and NSAB in Europe.
would come to hold, directly or indirectly, a participation in AmBev's capital and a possible exchange of shares involving AmBev, Interbrew S.
Konczal, Capital Alliance's President and Chief Operating Officer, stated that "we are pleased to add Western United to the group of financial institutions with which Capital Alliance is working, especially since the letter of intent on which this transaction is based contemplates an 'evergreen' quarterly sale to Western United of up to $7,000,000 in senior participations in single family and one-to-four unit residential loans.

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