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"While I recognize that some credit unions have gotten into trouble due to loan participations, I don't believe that at this time loan participations represent a systemic threat to the NCUSIF," CUNA quoted Leggett as writing.
Like CUNA, NAFCU also attacked the proposed rule over the suggestion that loan participations presented the sort of systemic risk that would warrant such a rule.
"While loan participation delinquency rates are higher than delinquency rates of other loans credit unions make, we believe that the NCUA has clearly overstated the risk participations pose," NAFCU said.
"It made sense to the tenants because they both had an equity or cash participation in the project," said Kane, "so any savings would translate into increased cash flows to the tenant since the amount of debt service was that much less.
"The city is paying rent on one hand, and is receiving a participation in the net profits."
Kane said the city has a 10 percent participation in the not profits and cash flow of the project.
1761) defined participation as "online participation is a process of learning by taking part and maintaining relations with others." Online participation involves many types of engaging activities, such as talking, writing, reading, watching, or thinking.
A few studies have investigated the effects of visualizing individual or group online participation on learner participation or learning outcomes.
In the 2012 constitutional referendum, the overall participation rate dropped to 32.9%, with a clear setback in levels of youth participation.
What these numbers suggest is that there is a strong connection between levels of youth political participation and the relative openness of the public sphere.
In the words of Sturmtal (2004), the extent to which employee participation in managerial decision making is encouraged as an attempt to bring into perspective a balance between employee and organizational expectations.
There is no significant relationship between employee participation in decision making and work performance.

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