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You are either a participator or a bystander, an audience: the movement of the city is choreographed, and to be on the edge of that choreography is to be excluded, maybe through choice, but also for some reason, through default.
For only a fiver you can you can begin to be a participator and take a pro-active role in shaping your club.
Danquah, the Akan - a cultural group which includes the Ashanti - believe that "Nana, the principle that makes for good, is himself or itself participator in the life of the whole, and is not only head" (88).
Many of our games in those years had some sort of warlike overtone, and in them I was always the dreamer, never the doer, the participator.
Precisely as participator, the human mind can never attain to the Infinity of Infinite Intelligence, though it does strive to fulfill its inclinations as much as possible.
Linguistically Bernard is traced as both the narrator of the interludes and a participator in the subjectivities of all six characters.
Hence the more a participator is involved in activities that can threaten such important matters as job security or compensation levels, the greater the likelihood of group pressure and chastisement.
In particular, as the largest participator of the market, Anhui Conch Cement ranked 1st by the output of 198.
It happened that the guy, Hashem Salman, one of Lebanese Intim Party members, and participator in the rally, was killed during the protest as someone shot him in the belly, according to the content of the lawsuit.
Married with two daughters, Ian is both a keen spectator of and participator in motorsport.
The vibes are that he is unlikely to line up, so at this stage we can only presume that he's a doubtful participator and, therefore, Celestial Gold would be the key horse.

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