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Just as Wang said, "Africa cannot be absent from the building of the Belt and Road initiative, as well as from the common development of China and the rest of the world." In fact, Africa is not only a participator, but also a dominant player in the initiative.
There is no doubt that social media plays a vital role, and the Middle East has become an active participator in global social media conversation.
Natarsha was a reluctant participator, asking Strickling how she should be holding the bottle.
Named a Four-Star Charity by Charity Navigator since 2008, designated a Platinum Participator with GuideStar, and accredited by AAHA, the standard in veterinary excellence, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay is dedicated to the highest standards in animal sheltering and veterinary care.
Multimedia: Jaron McGillivray, Thurston Middle, first; Ally Warner, Thurston Middle, first; Brayden Allen, Thurston Middle, first; Corben Short, Briggs, second; Kaylen Pedersen, event participator.
Hundreds of foreign irrigation practitioners came to the Philippines to observe and learn the participator approach to irrigation development.
"The first person to take off gets the advantage of the virgin track, undisturbed by other sets of wheels," explained a regular participator in the race.
"You have to ask yourself what the comparable advantage of your particular institution is, and what it is that you have to offer to both the potential donor and a potential participator in your programs that is going to make a real difference in what they're trying to achieve.
The profile identifies four types: analyzer, taskmaster, participator and energizer.
Each participator may be in different states and can be involved in the same local interaction during its lifetime.
A DLA covers money taken out of a business by a company director or other 'participator' in the company in excess of what they've put into it, and any other payments made to the director which do not form part of their remuneration package.
"[International] IDEA strongly believes that any constitutional building process should be participator. The youth of South Sudan, being the majority, have to own the process," he said.

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