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Researchers measured the particle-size distribution of soil adhered to three students' hands, producing a particle-size distribution for all samples of 0.
Lumina Copper and Russet special effect pigments are based on a tight mica particle-size distribution and an exclusive multilayer coating technology, and are said to add rich, metallic earthy russet and copper effects to plastics and luxury packaging.
In both systems the relation between particle-size distribution and texture classes is represented on equilateral triangles.
The Single Clamp Micronizer combines simple operation with narrow particle-size distribution in the production of fine powders.
The particle-size distribution is usually represented in a texture diagram, relating the percentages of sand, silt, and clay to a texture class.
A tight mica particle-size distribution and a new coating process that creates a thicker layer of Ti[O.
Particle-size distribution of the blend compared to a single carbon black;
Ciba will also debut the ED (Easily Dosable) granule form for its additives, which is said to have areduced attrition rate, low dust content, and a narrow particle-size distribution, all of which result in more precise dosing.
MoldX A120 ATH from Huber Engineered Materials in Atlanta boasts very narrow particle-size distribution and low surface area.