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1 volume percent), where multiple scattering does not interfere with the transformation from light-scattering to particle-size distribution data.
Almost all process engineers actually require particle-size distributions based on the mass or volume of particles.
It has sloping limits for clay content that accord with field texture descriptions based on soil behaviour, and it provides a smoother transition in particle-size distribution between neighbouring classes.
In contrast, the USDA system (Soil Survey Staff 1975) defines the texture of a soil from the particle-size distribution.
Generally log-linear interpolation on the cumulative particle-size distribution is used to estimate missing particle-size classes for a given classification (Tietje and Hennings 1996).
Each bar represents the percentage of the particle-size distribution in that diameter range.
PumaSil noncrystalline, nonquartz silica in a range of particle sizes and particle-size distributions.
Twenty-one particle-size distributions from 65% to 100% minus 325 mesh with median particle sizes of 2.
Twenty-one standard grades in particle-size distributions from 65-100% minus 325 mesh with median particle sizes of 2.