particular aptitude

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He showed a particular aptitude for the Essex circuit when winning off a mark of 87 in June, before a slightly lacklustre effort in July was supplemented with another win in September.
Pupils who show a particular aptitude and interest in textiles can enrol on a more advanced, certificated course INTHE Atelier, increasing their chances of gaining a place in further education and a job.
As a bright student with a particular aptitude for math, I asked 14 if touring the sites piqued his interest in manufacturing.
If coaches see they have a particular aptitude, they are moved in that direction from about 12.
Nevertheless, the results are not statistically significant, except for ROA, which indicates a particular aptitude of family firms to optimize the profitability of their assets thanks to specific family values and management practices.
The 'Stringer Adventurers' also battled the rapids in their kayaks near Betws-e-Coed, which year eight pupil Fiza Ahtashan showed a particular aptitude for.
Which is just as well, as Low the Elder was highly talented in the sporting field of mud-diving while Low the Younger demonstrated a particular aptitude in the little known challenge of Wotsit Consumption.
And tomorrow, the world-renowned Sian Edwards, so adept in contemporary music, with a particular aptitude for the music of Sir Michael Tippett (one of Turnage's great influences), conducts the Conservatoire's long-renowned, student-led Thallein Ensemble, joined by members of Birmingham Conservatoire's Jazz Department, in Turnage's vivid, screaming Blood on the Floor.
But we must always remember that parents contribute equally to the genetic endowment of their offspring; the dam's potential for influence should never be overlooked, even in cases when the sire has established himself as a reliable supplier of a particular aptitude.
the differences between the average pay of all teachers and those having a particular aptitude (a measure of pay compression);
Just as portentously, he reads the experience of the two biblical commonwealths as showing that the Israelites had "no particular aptitude for statehood" (p.
In other words, the logical outcome of DeNora's thesis would be to claim that Beethoven had no particular aptitude or ability that was not "constructed," and that could not have been similarly constructed for anyone else.