particular point of time

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This makes the users' essential information such as where they are at a particular point of time, available to such companies to use as they see fit, which is a dangerous proposition.
We don't want to be looking at standings or anything other than how we are playing at this particular point of time.
Every Hindu woman has a fundamental right, like every Hindu man, to enter any temple under the control of Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) department," she said, adding that no rules, statutory or otherwise, can prescribe any condition with regard to women relating to a particular point of time during which they can be prohibited from entering a temple and worship.
The former Petroleum minister said, "Governors are appointed by the government in place at that particular point of time that doesn't mean you need to politicize it, and in the same way we should not politicize the removal of the governors.
As a body mandated with the primary responsibility for maintenance of international peace and security, it is critical that it should represent today's geo-political realities and today's world and not a world that existed at a particular point of time over half a century ago," India's Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh said.
Just as, in the scheme of things, what is unbearable at a particular point of time, will soon cease to have any meaning.
Everything depends on the situation, who you are dealing with and what would be the most honourable thing to say or do at a particular point of time," he says.
oWe donAEt divulge anything which cannot be disclosed to the market at a particular point of time.
Out of the 92 traffic signals in the city, at least 25 remain defunct at a particular point of time, traffic police officers said.
The flight attendants of airlines are expected to be smiling and cheerful no matter what stage of stress one would be going at a particular point of time.
Japhet argues that the Chronicler did not think that the people of Israel became the people of God through a single act at a particular point of time.
Guy Davenport argues that modernism was determined by the discovery of the specific, and Delbanco's detail is always, Thomas Lask notes, "dense, Euclidean in its ability to focus on a particular point of time and space.