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It is the fact of particularities that critics of philosophy claim are ignored and subsumed in philosophy's tendency toward universalizations, generalizations, and abstractions.
During the discussion on the revenue, the Deputy Minister said that any new system of resources must be fair and avoid the imposition of undue burden on the member states noting, at the same time, that it should respect their particularities.
My argument in this article is that there would be no raison d'etre of non-Western communication scholarship if non-Western communication researchers ignored Tu's message and failed to theorize the processes and politics of communication from non-Western cultural particularities.
Moreover, it forbids the reasons of rationally assessing policies, stances and relations that belong - or so we imagine - to the world of tangible reality, and refers to visions and particularities that are concerned only with those taking such stances, who might involve - if they so wish - their sect and nothing more.
And it seems contradictory to his core argument to embrace urban planning, a state practice that is congenitally incapable of incorporating the fluid contingency of everyday particularities.
Thus, the prophetic asserted, though always under assault from within the Jewish community, is also a bridge to other particularities that likewise have the right to their own foundations.
Sure we have our particularities down here, but that guy is sick.
If we truly believe that Christ is "like us in all things but sin," (11) then the paschal mystery reveals an important clue about embodiment, its particularities, its possibilities, and its role in the economy of salvation.
In exploring the particularities of Canadian identity, Resnick (political science, U.
It is the intellect that, upon consideration of the particularities of the different cases at hand, keeps the imagination under control.
They spoke a new vocabulary, touting not so much the particularities of the pays as the virtues of the petite patrie.
Being fully bilingual has given Yves the flexibility and insight to adapt to a variety of projects, clientele and regional particularities.