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My second was to bring him a book, which, knowing his mother's particularity, I had carefully selected, and which I submitted for her approbation before presenting it to him.
Tom behaved to Sophia with no particularity, unless perhaps by showing her a higher respect than he paid to any other.
Generality and particularity are a matter of degree.
But as I am going to tell the story with some particularity, and perhaps some gusto, you will see why who read.
The Complaint alleges, with particularity, that a former engineer of Wild Parma, Filippo Furlotti, copied numerous files including proprietary drawings, schematics and vendor information to an external drive from his laptop computer prior to departing Wild Parma.
To frame this "something" in religious terms and discuss the particularity of the Christ-event is something that is done with consummate brilliance and unrivalled erudition, and yet is offered in an engaging down-to-earth manner, that makes this book such a gift and pleasure to read.
the particularity of these two homes is to be equipped with component brand Bubendorff requiring maintenance for installation of parts of the same brand or possibly completely compatible
It is the notion of particularity, in fact, that must be defended.
Lebanon's particular tie with Syria makes us take decisions that well serve Lebanon's interests on the one hand and the particularity of the Lebanese Syrian relation on the other, due to the geographic, historic, familial, commercial and economic connection between both countries.
The emergencies due to electrocution can be reduced by taking safety measure particularity staying away from electrical pylon, he further added.
He appreciated the level of joint cooperation between the bank and Yemen, particularity in the education field.
To understand the process of communication, therefore, communication researchers must take into account the cultural context in which communication takes place, and the elements of cultural particularity.