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(112) In the majority's view, the Ninth Circuit only considered factors relating to particularization, making it a constitutionally inadequate standing analysis.
But continued uncertainty surrounding various aspects of the President's detention authority is less a function of secret law than the product of standards that have resisted particularization. Secrecy, to be sure, helps perpetuate legal indeterminacy by concealing important facts and providing a rationale for denying judicial review, thus foreclosing an avenue by which standards can be particularized.
Self-determination thus provides for individuality, enabling the individual to exhibit the universality of a self that concretely pervades its own particularization, without which its own unique unity is absent.
The attempt to translate this type of words using partially-equivalent TL words would inevitably result in either particularization or generalization.
This pair falls into Olbrechts-Tyteca's particularization category, with Jews as a general type and Levy's rye bread lovers as an individual example.
411, 418 (1981) (describing two separate elements for "articulable suspicion," the first measuring suspicion and the second assessing particularization).
* Particularization. We can study a particular case for example to help an organization solve a current problem or develop a specific area, such as its accounting system.
(12.) See Silva, Toward a Global Idea of Race, 2007, specifically Part II, for definitions of strategy of particularization, strategy of intervention, strategy of engulfment.
particularization otherwise required and the role Congress envisioned
The incompressible fluid motion in thin layers has as mathematical consequence the simplification and particularization of the general equations of motion.
Across all neighborhoods, Berenschot finds that politicians use strategies of "brokerage," "patronage," and "particularization" to mediate on behalf of their constituents (83-96).
It should be noted that the statement (ii) in the Urysohn-type separation lemma (Lemma 4.3) is just the particularization to characteristic functions of the foregoing insertion statement.