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112) In the majority's view, the Ninth Circuit only considered factors relating to particularization, making it a constitutionally inadequate standing analysis.
To borrow from Raymond Carver, (173) what we talk about when we talk about secret law is, at least partly, standards that resist particularization.
To address the problem of particularization, the translators used both translation and transliteration to render the meaning of the Arabic word ihsan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] into English.
This pair falls into Olbrechts-Tyteca's particularization category, with Jews as a general type and Levy's rye bread lovers as an individual example.
531, 541 (1985) (conflating particularization and suspicion); Harris v.
The telephony metadata program lacks the particularization that
The participants of these studies were university students, what calls for a particularization of these results.
Thus from the beginning this effort at crafting a transatlantic Spanish citizen was by nature a contradictory exercise in exclusivity and inclusivity, assimilation and particularization.
The latter mode is clearly at work when she promises to particularize that man, yet her particularization leaves him as approximate as ever: "Celui que j'aime a ceci de particulier: des mots il dit qu'ils terrassent la mort et tous les mourants" (44).
In Schmitt (1994), as a particularization of a more general construction of incidence Hopf algebras, the following result was proved:
Vegetation mapping of Bioko Island (Equatorial Guinea) using Landsat 7 ETM +: particularization to Afromontane vegetation type