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Unlike Taylor's sermon it particularizes almost constantly, among other things about events surrounding the delivery of what is almost certainly this very sermon (pp.
Also, currently, he is co-owner of Kelvin Ross Engineering that particularizes in marine air conditioning.
Each of those styles at once particularizes mobility and belongs to no one in particular; it is a universal property.
The networking team of Something Digital particularizes in route/switch, wireless, datacenter and security and is projecting on developing its business by 20% in 2016.
But Schorr's formal style is closer to that of the deadpan Kodachrome snapshot, which ironically particularizes its subjects, describing rather than aestheticizing.
Sonaca particularizes in the development, production and assembly of structural components for the aerospace industry.
Lately, She worked as President and Chief Operating Officer at Massif Mountain Gear, which particularizes in high-performance apparel for search and rescue, law enforcement, and military professionals.
For instance, in the skein of Wonham's nineteen readings, while even veteran readers of Chesnutt's stories may lose track of the distinctions of each, Wonham has not; his habit of recalling the details of earlier stories as he enters another reading both clarifies and particularizes our sense of Chesnutt's preoccupations.
The facility particularizes in redeveloping and manufacturing powdered, nutritional products.
Like Burchfield, Connelly tends to see the city through a critical eye that particularizes the undifferentiated urban landscape, lending it a certain organic quality.
AMG, which is Vanadium-based in Cambridge, Ohio, particularizes in the environmentally beneficial conversion of oil refinery and power plant waste products into ferrovanadium, nickel and molybdenum mainly utilized by global steel producers in automotive, energy transmission and infrastructure applications.
Recently, a senior official at Iran s ministry of energy declared that the country contrives to set up a a technical university in neighboring Iraq, that particularizes in the power industry sphere and renewable energy sources.