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This time, it concluded that because Doran had been to the 7-Eleven before, was currently deterred from going there, and would visit the store if he could, he had suffered a "concrete, particularized, actual, and imminent" injury.
Had Sorensen particularized the characters and the two time periods musically, the opera's profile might have emerged with greater clarity, but, as he put it, he deliberately avoided changing his music to become "opera music," writing in his own "very mild" idiom "even when the opera is most dramatic.
In his comments on these topics, Kinney points out highly specific and particularized historical resonances, yet also provides sometimes surprisingly basic information ("the King's Men uniquely owned their own playhouse" [70]).
Again in Matta-Clark's terms, a way of w orking with space, not as the master trope of modernism but as that which has been denied rhetoric--"metaphoric voids, gaps, left-over spaces"-- is particularized in his purchase of Fake Estates, those abandoned microplots auctioned by the City of New York, in 1973, which he meticulously catalogued and photographed.
If the culture at large is going to consistently conflate transgender issues with sexual minority issues under the GLBT banner, then there are no grounds whatsoever for particularized exclusion.
Along with her innate openness and erudition, Feuerwerker remains knowledgeable of and sympathetic to the particularized political concerns, justified by an all-but-unchallenged Marxist distinction of social classes that has integrated itself into the study of all literature in so much of American academia.
Computerized billing statements utilized by the landlord's counsel, which sufficiently particularized the services performed and the time incurred, were acceptable as proof of the services rendered.
In the half century since its adoption, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has spawned a host of particularized human rights documents, resolutions, and treaties.
But, as with most great performance art, Bourne's ``Swan Lake'' soars above particularized meanings and cookie-cutter symbolism.
Philosophers who stress the value of particularized community, as such, in settings where political and communal membership boundaries do not roughly correspond may promote breakdown in the minimal modus vivendi that exists.
Though no internal arrangement of the essays is indicated, they could be generally grouped into two major headings: the first group treats various issues in fundamental moral theology, while the second set addresses more particularized aspects of applied ethics.
9) Similar guidance should be issued on other transactions through a notice, revenue ruling, or particularized anti-abuse regulation (where Congress has granted commensurate authority) addressing the transaction.