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On 31st March, Taiwan's Evergreen Aviation Technologies (EGAT) and General Electric's (IW 500/6) aviation subsidiary declared about a partnership venture for particularizing in engine maintenance for commercial airliners, incorporating Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.
Lincoln Education Services, a West Orange vocational school particularizing in automotive, health science, hospitality and business trades, conferred on their CNC manufacturing program, that will aim on encouraged technology and machine training.
A leading manufacturing industry and manual and automated liquid sample management products, Gilson to declare the attainment of Armen SAS, a company, particularizing in manual preceding chromatography based on HPLC and CPC (or CCC: Counter Current chromatography) technologies.
Blue Insurances, particularizing in travel insurance has succeeded awards every year from the travel industry in Ireland and Northern Ireland and also from the Irish media.