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The details of a claim, or the separate items of an account.

When these are detailed in an orderly form for the purpose of informing a defendant, the statement is called a bill of particulars.

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details of an allegation of fact made in pleadings.

PARTICULARS, practice. The items of which the accounts of one of the parties is composed, and which are frequently furnished to the opposite party in a bill of particulars. (q.v.)

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We spoke earlier of two ways of classifying particulars.
In this it differs from physics, which, broadly speaking, is concerned with the cases in which all the particulars which make up one physical object can be treated as a single causal unit, or rather the particulars which are sufficiently near to the object of which they are appearances can be so treated.
In the traditional conception, a particular event A caused a particular event B, and by this it was implied that, given any event B, some earlier event A could be discovered which had a relation to it, such that--
It may happen in any particular instance that A is ALWAYS followed by B, but we cannot know this, since we cannot foresee all the perfectly possible circumstances that might make the sequence fail, or know that none of them will actually occur.
Virtually all employees, regardless of the hours they work and provided their employment lasts for one month or more, are entitled by law, to receive a written statement from their employer setting out the main particulars of their employment Q.
Indeed, it has been argued that if the General Baptists came into being by a deliberate act of "radical separation," John Smyth's self-baptism in 1609, the Particulars emerged through a process of "gradual evolution.
Natural Particulars edited by Anthony Grafton and Nancy Siraisi presents a collection of thirteen essays that were first presented in a workshop, "Renaissance Natural Philosophy and the Disciplines" held at the Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology at M.
Russia's rulers and educated public in the late 19th century assumed that their states vast array of non-Russian peoples needed to become more Russian, but the particulars of Russification remained elusive and questions were numerous.
The expansion of the set of referents of the foundational term people to accommodate the citizenship s tatus of African Americans, Native Americans, and women reflects on the capacity of the universal to tailor itself to the various particulars it comes to represent.
It's a closed-door meeting, however, and the participants reveal little about the particulars of the process.
The written statement of employment particulars must include the following details: * The names of the employer and employee * The date when the employment began * Hours of work * Rate of pay * Holiday entitlement * Any entitlement to sick pay * Details of any pension arrangements * Job title * The place of work * Notice requirements Q.