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Pointing to Texas' "stark admission" that lawmakers were "motivated by the Legislature's desire to dilute the voting strength of Democratic voters," the Texas Democratic Party and other plaintiffs had asked the Supreme Court to reconsider the three-judge panel's decision to dismiss partisan gerrymandering claims in the case in 2011 and 2014 without any discovery or trial.
The fight over partisan gerrymandering in Texas, where Republicans hold a majority of seats in the Legislature and the state's Congressional delegation, is probably not over.
What goes forgotten is how little support there is elsewhere in constitutional law, beyond Vieth, for Justice Scalia's proposition that the government can engage in purposeful partisan discrimination at all.
7) Tribal partisanship is primarily about benefitting one's own team of common partisan affiliation, or injuring the one's partisan opponents, apart from other, legitimate considerations.
While legal scholars tend to approach gerrymanders on a case-by-case basis, we have developed statistical tests to measure the extent of partisan bias whenever districts are redrawn.
Whitford, involves a group of Wisconsin voters who in 2015 challenged the Wisconsin state legislatures 2011 redistricting map in federal court as an excessively partisan gerrymander barred by the Constitution.
Along similar lines, many studies acknowledge the role of partisan identity salience in political polarization (e.
Evaluating the Partisan Impact of District Maps Before
189698), Macalintal explained that elected officials by the nature of their office, engage in partisan political activities all year round, even outside the campaign period.
Luzzatto starts by informing us that Levi's only reference to his "brief and unfortunate season" as a partisan is a fleeting four-page section in his collection of autobiographical stories The Periodic Table.
The opposing partisans prevented the float of the CDC that was carrying the musical set and other partisans for celebration.
As Colonel Stogran points out, ISIS partisans attack Canada and the rest of the West because Canada and the rest of the West are in their ummah (Arabic word meaning "community").