partisan conflict

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Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe, had known de Gaulle before the war, had lived in Paris himself and was aware that partisan conflict in Paris could lead to communist control of the city.
Partisan conflict is such a fixture of American life these days that we might be forgiven for assuming we invented it.
policy uncertainty to political polarization and Azzimonti (2018) links higher partisan conflict to depressed investment.
The Partisan Conflict Index tracks the degree of political disagreement among U.S.
Party-hopping turns personal rivalries into partisan conflict, making legislative deal-making even more difficult.
On Parliamentary War: Partisan Conflict and Procedural Change in the US Senate
In Punjab, in particular, partisan conflict appears to be quite pervasive.
Fatah officials in the camp issued a statement clarifying the nature of the dispute and ruling out partisan conflict as a cause.
The closeness of the two parties and shifting control of the executive and legislative branches influences partisan conflict, but exactly how is a matter of disagreement.
I have seen the confirmation process degrade from cooperation to, now, all-out partisan conflict. I am relieved that we stopped Senate Democrats from continuing to poison the confirmation process."
To date, however, very few studies have linked media's emphasis on partisan conflict to political polarization in American politics through a lens of group dynamics.
Anderson noted that, despite the popular conception of Washington as a place riven by partisan conflict and characterized by gridlock, NACDS has been able to get things done.