partisan contest

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But in most legislative districts, and in most partisan contests for local offices, there will be no IPO candidate.
Coincidental partisanship is generally tolerated; ideological partisanship--at least in positions elected in partisan contests or appointed by those elected in partisan contests--should always be expected and is often preferred; responsive partisanship is disfavored in some public offices and vigorously contested in others; and tribal partisanship is generally denigrated.
A moderate degree of ideological partisanship, particularly by officials elected through partisan contests, can help an electorate make coherent decisions about which candidates they prefer to others.
Haulman does not neglect more traditional subjects of political history either, attending to the ways that fashion played various roles in the imperial crisis, American Revolution, and the partisan contests of the 1790s.
He noted in the Chicago area voluntary bars join together to evaluate judges (who are initially elected in partisan contests and then stand for merit retention), but in the past 14 years, no judge with an unfavorable rating has been defeated in Cook County, although one recently lost in a downstate election.
139) There is plentiful room within these bounds for judges elected in partisan contests to systematically and routinely favor or punish Republican or Democratic litigants, depending on their personal partisan proclivities and their jurisdiction's political composition.
Particularly when such recommendations extend even to officials elected in partisan contests, id.
Lunch predicted a retro campaign, with the candidates returning to the class differences on fiscal and economic issues that used to dominate partisan contests before social issues such as abortion and gay rights surfaced.
The political geography of Lane County and Eugene is revealed not only in the results of partisan contests (see editorial above), but also in the voting on ballot measures.