partisan election

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Act and of participating in a partisan election if any candidates
I think it's going to be difficult to run a bipartisan referendum campaign in conjunction with a highly partisan election campaign.
January will be crucial for the internal partisan election in Albanian parties ahead of the presidential elections.
A low-information partisan election typically finds that voters will tend to vote their party affiliation in most cases, because they know nothing about the candidates or the issues.
Some of the report contains advice for journalists, one force on the national scene during this bitterly partisan election cycle.
One factor that often goes unnoticed, perhaps because of its unquestioned status in a partisan election, is the ballot itself.
Forty-nine states (Connecticut is the exception) already permit partisan election observers, and 43 states allow nonpartisan observers, and 43 states allow nonpartisan observers.
The unfair electoral laws and overtly partisan Election Commission ensured
23) Prohibited activities include running for office in a partisan election, soliciting political contributions, soliciting or encouraging political activity of those with business before your agency, or using your official authority to affect the outcome of an election.
In partisan election states, citizens are used to this political bias in judicial elections, and there is no veil of judicial decisions being unbiased.
congressional hearing focusing on a controversial illegal immigrant education law drew criticism from Republican lawmakers, signaling their intent to make the law a partisan election issue in November.
Religious leaders cross a forbidden line when they use church resources to intervene in a partisan election or distribute a candidate's campaign literature.