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And drawing examples from daily life, he concludes that our country is governed by unionism, partisanism, amateurism, and procrastination.
In these lectures Thelwall appealed to notions of sympathy and sentiment as the basis of political reform, though by the end of the eighteenth century it was clear that the radical politicization of sensibility was not going to transcend political partisanism and succeed, at least in the short term, in bringing laboring and artisanal classes into the realm of legitimized political debate.
For example, Snyder and Purdy (1985) found increased travel distance to be negatively related to college basketball wins, but interpreted their findings as being due to crowd partisanism.
Using Crerar's personal papers as his main source, Rea very effectively explores many aspects of Canadian political history from Crerar's perspective, including the farm movement, the conscription crises of both World Wars, the nationalization of railways, imperialism and the growth of Canadian nationalism, foreign affairs, federal-provincial and French-English relations, the emergence of the welfare state, political partisanism, tensions within the Liberal party, and many specific issues such as Canada's failure to aid Jewish refugees fleeing Nazism, although he says very little about women.
Yet, in contrast to the behavior of student partisans in the 1970s, student candidates in this election did not bring up any of these issues, probably because the SRL wished to play down partisanism in light of the campaign mounted against it by the SL Instead, the SRL focused on the management of student affairs by individuals whose organizational experience and political know-how made them better able to stand up to the university administration than their amateurish rivals.