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For example, Florida law dictates that both real and personal property may be partitioned. (7) Mineral rights may also be partitioned.
Despite its sense that defense was an overriding priority, the Woodhead Commission was forced to conclude that it was "impossible to divide" Palestine in any way that would create boundaries that "will have any real military significance." (16) Only in mutual cooperation could the post-partition states of Palestine find safety: "The only real security for any partitioned area in Palestine is to live at peace and in friendship with its neighbor." In other words, partition in and of itself could not solve the mandate's problems.
Thus Zamindar flags a non-Indocentric approach by noting how access to Partitioned archives in Pakistan is one of the effects of Partition.
In [9], the coded bits of each frame were hierarchically partitioned into HP and LP substream, using two-staged partitioning strategy.
Tokutek has debuted TokuMX v1.5 with new partitioned collection capabilities that make it easier to manage time- series data in MongoDB applications.
1 Quote appears on the cover of the book, Ishtiaq Ahmed, The Punjab Bloodied, Partitioned and Cleansed (New Delhi: Rupa Publications Pvt.
Sidhwa further extends her perspective on Partition, suggesting its undesirability, through the use of an image of a Hindu banya in Ice Candy Man being partitioned alive by the Muslims and the partitioning of a Punjabi Sikh (The Bride) again by Muslims.
She could also have mentioned Ireland as a state that suffered partition and drawn the obvious conclusion from those two examples that if independence ever becomes a serious political issue here, Wales itself will also be partitioned.
Reference values are often partitioned on the basis of demographic variables that are known to influence analyte levels, such as sex and age.
Extractive fermentation using aqueous two-phase system (ATPS), provide an alternative approach for enhanced production of protease as cells and product partitioned into two different phases and so it overcomes the limitation of product inhibition [4].

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