partitioned space

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Within the Internet of Things sector, breakthrough French technologies will be presenting the latest accessories in the field such as the Wistiki Bluetooth tracker, live video solutions from a smartphone developed by Plussh, a personal multi-user cloud that can save data in a private partitioned space via Helixee by Novathings, and Kerlink's machine-to-machine communication solutions.
Lease currently 775 square foot space, At present the location being occupied, is a joint space size being greater than the space being leased, is to be either partitioned, hobby store occupies either new partitioned space, 775 square feet, or agrees to be relocated at a later time.
Jet Airways[sup.1] new elegant airport lounge at its hub in Brussels is designed by notable architecture and design firm SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP), the lounge has room for 18 First Class and 59 Premiere passengers within its partitioned space. Natural Italian stone walls and atmospheric lighting lead passengers to Jet Airways' lounge.
Features include flexible floor plates for open plan or partitioned space, suspended ceilings with recessed lighting and optional air conditioning, along with ample parking and an excellent road network.'
When conference rooms, boardrooms, AV centers, or hotel ballrooms "leak noise" from one partitioned space into another, there is often a really simple reason: The operable wall system may not actually be designed to "keep the peace."
Offering options for a single liquid or partitioned space for several liquids, the trays are precisely manufactured to industry standards, ensuring full compatibility with automated liquid handling systems and multi-channel pipettors.
Below street level is an underground combat lasertag arena where up to 30 people test their survival instincts in a partitioned space of light and shadow.
The door and partitioned space to the right of it are new additions, replacing a trap door entrance.
Office workers in organizations of over 5,000 employees (40 percent) and heavy computer users (45 percent) reported more frequently that they currently occupy partitioned space, as compared with 32 percent of workers overall.
A range of Reservoir Trays designed for use with any robotic liquid handling system offers options for a single liquid or partitioned space for several liquids.
At Nabisco headquarters, only 11 percent of the 1.045 million square feet of space is in private offices; the rest reflects some kind of partitioned space. Surman, too, says partitions are a big advantage in terms of flexibility and cost control of lighting and air-conditioning.
In addition, the company is adding audiovisual equipment to allow for large meetings in this area, Manetta said.<br />Renovations also include exterior patios and partitioned spaces with standalone audiovisual systems, Manetta said.