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The rest of the country will experience partly cloudy skies with isolated rain showers and thunderstorms mostly in the afternoon or evening but could become more frequent in the eastern section.
element-invisibleNation ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1By Thursday, Samar provinces, Leyte provinces, Bohol, Surigao, Davao Oriental and Dinagat and Siargao Islands will experience partly cloudy skies with scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms, while Metro Manila and the rest of the country can also expect isolated rainshowers and thunderstorms.
However partly cloudy/rain thunderstorm with gusty winds is expected at isolated places in Chitral, Swat, Shangla, upper Dir, Malakand, Lower Dir, Bunner, Kohistan, Battagram, Abbottabad, Manshera, Torghar, Haripur, Mardan, Swabi, Peshawar, Nowshera, Charsadda, Bannu, Lakki Marwat, D.
Partly cloudy and pleasant skies are set to prevail in daytime on Friday and become relatively cold in nighttime.
On May 9, there will be partly cloudy weather in Astana, rain is expected at night.
In a statement today the body said : "The country is affected by extension of high pressure coming from Turkey, the weather is tomorrow, in all regions clear, With partly broken clouds, and the wind: will be mild northwestern with moderate speed, and a slight decrease in temperatures, where the minimum temperature expected in Baghdad tomorrow is of (6 m), and to 19 m.
According to the Jordan Meteorological Department, the weather on Saturday will remain relatively cold and partly cloudy with a chance for scattered showers.
Renault's President Carlos Ghosn who met Saturday with French President Nicholas Sarkozy to discuss the place of manufacturing for "Clio 4", announced that it would be partly manufactured in Flins factory near Paris and partly in Bursa, Turkey.
Writing in The Independent of London, Dalton said, "We failed [to get talks started] partly because our policies--including on human rights--were irreconcilable with Iran's, partly from lack of leverage and partly because at the top level Iran was not ready to find a way through.
1 : to look or peer with the eyes partly closed <She squinted to read the small print.
In fact, more than half of Autzen's games - 53 percent - have been either sunny or partly sunny at kickoff.
Others, however, may want a more "don't tell me it's partly sunny when I see that it's partly cloudy" outlook, a different kind of extrinsic motivation.