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Indications for general anaesthesia in the parturient include the need for rapid delivery of the foetus, failed regional block, supplemental surgical procedures such as emergency obstetric hysterectomy and maternal resuscitation.
The Prince's "weird seizures," added in the final edition, not only point to the feminine and parturient nature of the Prince/ narrator, but they also give way/birth to the interpolated ballad and balladic sections of the poem, suggesting that sensitivity and sensibility are still poetic prerequisites in Tennyson's schema.
At least some male saints followed the lead of ordinary men in shunning the company of parturient women; the thirteenth-century Cistercian monk Caesarius of Heisterbach told a story of how an image of Saint Nicholas that hung in a noblewoman's lying-in chamber "turned its face to the wall, as though to avoid seeing the woman in her labor.
OCTOPUSH (ock-t'-push)--the eighth stage of labour in the birthing experience of a parturient octopus [underwater hockey for two teams of eight swimmers with snorkels who 'push' a lead 'squid' around at the bottom of a pool] PISSASPHALT (piss-ass-falt)--a horizontal urinal with a porous bitumen surface installed for the micturition needs of long-haul truck drivers in outback Australia [a form of semi-liquid bitumen]
District midwives took advantage of the increasing demand for maternity accommodation and successfully set up businesses in their residences where they cared for parturient women to exploit the lack of public maternity provision.
Prevalence of Drug-Using Parturient Women and Drug-Affected Newborns, 1979 through 1990," American Journal of Public Health, vol.
Rightly, the focus for midwives and healthcare professionals, in this context, has been the needs of the parturient.
This ongoing epidemiological study, based on a questionnaire administered to parturient in Bucharest, Romania short time after birth, aims to approach postpartum depression from the evolutionary perspective.
prevalence of drug using parturient women and drug affected newborns 1979-1990.
Calcium and phosphorus metabolism in ruminants with special reference to parturient paresis.
This is partly due to what we now recognize as the broader scope of the legal section, encompassing laws regarding priests, scale disease, and zab, menstruant and parturient women, marriage and sotah, harvest and tithes, and impurity and purification.