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Tracheal intubation of the awake parturient, using the AWS with lignocaine jelly to anaesthetise the pharynx, was performed smoothly at the first attempt.
Because up to one third of morbidly obese parturients may have difficult airways to intubate, elective assessment with anaesthesiologist in the third trimester is considered essential (135).
Failure to react decisively is in itself a choice, which may have serious consequences for private parturients in the not too distant future.
Caesarean delivery in a parturient with HoltOram syndrome and implantable cardioverter defibrillator: anaesthetic considerations.
However, a study suggests morbidly obese parturients (BMI [greater than or equal to] 40 kg/[m.
However, the use of audio stimuli, which were shown to be predictive in this study, provides "a nice way to get around having to use heat on parturients before C-section," Dr.
By multiple regression analysis, none of the variables identified from maternal and perinatal history had a significant effect on PCT response in parturient mothers.
90] for oxytocin infusions, without a preceding bolus, at elective caesarean section of 40 parturients.
The 40 cm cut-off can be recommended for general use in southern Africa for term parturients of black African ethnic origin, to identify women at high and low risk of complications such as shoulder dystocia and cephalopelvic disproportion.
CHICAGO--Proinflammatory cytokine levels escalate with normal labor but are not an underlying mechanism of epidural-related fever, according to the results of a study of 92 term parturients.
Unexplained fitting in three parturients suffering from postdural puncture headache.
The term 'many' was applied for between 15 and 21 parturients, while 'most' and 'the majority' were utilised synonymously to indicate that 22 or more of the informants were involved in a particular theme or finding.