party competition

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He also said internal party competition and the general opening of the political space to citizens' voices could only be healthy for the country.
Debate and party competition are the heart and soul as well as the blood and guts of our system of representative, responsive, and responsible government.
Oli had his detractors in his party-Jhalanath Khanal, Madhav Nepal and Bam Dev Gautam-just a few to name, he has not only retained this party competition from his erstwhile party but, through unification, has invited more competition with an intact larger block into the party.
In this section, we present six politically distinct clusters across districts and describe geographical party competition in Turkey, based on the 2018 elections, and the previous parliamentary elections of 2015 and the presidential elections of 2014.
The mismatch isn't as great today, but once again the nature of the party competition no longer fully reflects the country's actual divisions.
He finds that contrary to some scholars of free markets and democratization that predict demobilization and political apathy in the transition, neoliberalism "repoliticizes" local communities into protest movements, especially in regions where political party competition is most intense.
The Politics of Migration in Italy: Perspectives on Local Debates and Party Competition Pietro Castelli Gattinara Abingdon, UK: Routledge, 2016, 214 pp.
In particular, institutional factors, such as the role of alliances between movements and political groups, degree of party competition, degree of federalism, and degree of court assertiveness and progressiveness, should supplement structural variables, such as income.
Moody's Investors Service said in its initial response to the results that "while the emerging pluralistic party competition has the potential to generate reform momentum over the medium term, near-term risks of policy distraction and spending pressures are also rising."
With state legislatures drawing district lines to concentrate Democrats in some districts and Republicans in others, there is less party competition in the November elections.