party competition

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With this strategy, Erdoy-an is keeping corruption allegations about him away from the party competition and democratic opposition.
The comparison of party competitions between Korea and Taiwan reveals that the continued labor militancy in democratized Korea can be attributed to Korea's regionalism-dominant party competition and its significantly under-institutionalized party system (eh.
Marcello Marino, 44, became one of the show's most hated stars after slagging off his rivals in the dinner party competition.
And sea changes in politics increased party competition across the nation.
The level of party competition for majorities in Congress has varied widely over the modern era.
Back in summer, HostelBookers, the budget accommodation specialists, launched a Hostel Party competition which saw nine top European hostels battle it out for customer's votes.
Send your answer with name, address and daytime telephone number to: Hardwick Live Garden Party competition, c/o Karen McLauchlan, Evening Gazette, Borough Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 3AZ.
But the gap may also be due to the same factors that may be depressing turnout in our state overall, including the lack of strong party competition, weak voter mobilization efforts and a statewide ethos of deference to elites.
Therefore, in Romania, in the early 1990s, party competition wasn't robust at all, as the communists still controlled the transition, the electoral alternatives were initially unclear and the opposition did little to monitor and constrain the governing parties (15).
However political party competition remains a problem in Mozambique.
Branded clothing specialist Recognition Express, which has a branch at Newsome, has launched its Diamond Jubilee Schools Party Competition.
Party strategies in Western Europe; party competition and electoral outcomes.