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com) announces its "Pizza Party Contest," where fans have a chance to win a new pizza supplies prize package worth more than $100.
The week-long events leading to the party started with the unveiling of Awoniyi, an adventurous fashion designer and upcoming movie star, as the winner of the Ultimate Party contest.
Votes in an internal Fine Gael party contest show Mr Varadkar had the backing of the majority of elected representatives, but his rival, 44-year-old father of three Simon Coveney, had the hearts and minds of most of the grassroots membership.
Courtroom showdowns, as party officials argued why they should be allowed to deny members a vote in a vital party contest, were a truly unedifying spectacle.
Republican Presidential Race Boosts Primary Turnout, by Terri Langford - Voting turnout in Texas surged on Tuesday with the highest number of Republican voters making it to the polls for the party's primary in more than a decade, thanks largely to a volatile presidential party contest.
MERSEYSIDER Glen Simpson was chuffed to win Channel 4's dinner party contest, Come Dine With Me, back in 2012 - but he didn't realise at the time it would lead to a whole new career.
Send your answer to Penguin Party Contest, PO Box 4018, London E14 5BL, by Friday, August 24, with a contact phone number.
LABOUR leadership contender David Miliband yesterday arrived in Cardiff Bay with a promise to campaign for more powers for the Assembly if he wins the party contest.
The Conservative manifesto promised a 'safer, greener, cleaner Wales' as the party contest a record 40% of the seats in Wales, compared to 27% in 2004.
Sadly union money may have been used on the meaningless Labour party contest for which Hain was a candidate.