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Election Management Services - To provide third party election services for elections and/or recall elections of representatives of Resident Advisory Councils (#RACs#) at the Authority#s various public housing developments (#Developments#).
Wajihuddin said that opening new party membership at this time was tantamount to rig the party election.
From the top floor of the hotel, Bayram pointed out to members of the press an AK Party election van that was waiting on HE-kE-met Square.
He may now play a role in writing the party election manifesto - so the sections on equality and respect in particular will be closely read.
IN THE first party election broadcast of the 2010 campaign, Labour recruited ex-Doctor Who David Tennant to urge voters to trust Gordon Brown's resolve and experience to keep Britain on the road to recovery.
35 Party Election Broadcast for the English Local Elections BBC2 West, as Wales except: 1.
He told Newstalk FM the Bertiegate scandal stopped the media talking to his Labour Party election candidates.
Dave the Chameleon visited Tyneside yesterday as part of a Labour Party election stunt.
Party election co-ordinator Alan Milburn said Labour's logo would read: ``Britain forward not back''.
Many have booked advertising and completed party election broadcasts.
Naoto Kan, 55, the party's secretary general, announced his intention to run in the party election Monday to reclaim the post he vacated to Hatoyama three years ago.
The triennial party election was due during the annual general assembly of the party in June, but was postponed because of the upheaval following Mahathir's sacking of his deputy Anwar Ibrahim from the cabinet and the party in September 1998.