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In a joint statement issued after the meeting, they said the PTI workers had decided to force the party leadership to select a candidate from among them as they would not accept the award of ticket to anyone outside the party, especially to the nominee of Sheikh Rashid.
KARACHI -- Aamir Liaqat Hussain, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member of National Assembly from NA-245, has publically voiced reservations about local party leadership's decision of not inviting him to a meeting at the Governor's House.
Sources said that if party leadership does not compels him for the previous ministry, he would prefer to hold Ministry of Finance and Youth, Cultural, Tourism and Sports.
The once imperious party leadership has been upended in the wake of the Panama-Avenfield Judgement and internal divisions have also resulted in the party losing major political heavyweights to other parties.
When asked if Khairy's defiance towards the party leadership is affecting the youth's support for Umno, he said it is normal that every member has his preferences about who he wishes to support.
He said that most of the candidates who were denied party ticket violated the oath but he would never betray his party leadership.
RAHIM YAR KHAN: Expressing concerns over the unprofessional behaviour of party leadership, Pakistan People's Party (PPP) provincial leader Sardar Mumtaz Khan Chang on Sunday distanced himself from the party.Addressing a press conference here, Chang said that the PPP leadership was not paying heed towards the problems being faced by the party leaders and activists.
'My basic disagreement with MQM-London was Altaf Hussain's role during the August 22, 2016 incident when anti-Pakistan slogans were raised.'Both the former ministers are said to have sent their resignations to the party leadership in London.
Summary: The result of the Labour Party leadership contest will not be determined for another four months, it has been revealed.
Koizumi will reshuffle the Cabinet and the Liberal Democratic Party leadership on Monday
In honoring a hold, the party leadership agrees to slow a disputed matter from coming to the floor, but its overriding concerns remain to advance the party's general interests and to prevent the legislative process from grinding to a halt.