party line

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They had previously agreed to support the party line and back the plan but their change of heart enabled Labour to get a decision put off until next month when public consultation on local government re-organisation will have been completed.
And yesterday they were unrepentant over breaking the party line.
Various groups continue exploring ways of extending and, in effect, institutionalizing the international scientific party line.
The intention of the Chinese program was to stifle dissent by first defining it as deviant and causing overwhelming feelings of guilt in the subject, followed by psychological conditioning that rewarded newfound devotion to the party line.
What differentiates Harris from many of those who fall under the sway of a party line is the affirmative nature of his work.
But NAFTA wasn't a party line vote among Hispanics.
After three hours of objection from 35 residents and local councillors in relation to traffic, drainage, flooding, mining, safety, junction alterations, lack of local services and the departure from the Unitary Development Plan, the committee saw fit to recommend approval by voting purely on party lines with at least one councillor being coerced into following the party line despite indicating an intention to reject during discussion.
Party Line is a new application on Facebook that enables users to initiate an instantaneous group phone chat, and talk with their international friends free for up to fifteen minutes.
The study found that House Republicans voted with their party an average of 88 percent, while House Democrats voted the party line 86 percent.
The party line, then and now, is that these so-called free trade agreements will create jobs and prosperity by eliminating trade barriers and opening up markets.
Becauseboth parties wished their MPs to vote for the party line .
In spite of the many sharp images created by worker-photographers, the esthetic championed by the ideologues behind the movement was sometimes limited by the party line.