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That will involve not just holding rallies in other provinces, but investing time and energy in cultivating and growing a party machine in those provinces.
The prime minister of hearts, who was rather taken to the whole Ameer-ul-momineen thing, now has a daughter and heir apparent that the Party Machine has already literally started treating like a queen.
Perhaps the time has arrived when councillors are reminded that they are not there to put the party machine before the people who elected them but are there to represent and serve those people.
The AKEL party machine was in full swing trying to fend off any allegations that it was responsible for the crash and chaos that ensued by counter attacking and deploying a character assassination of the former central banker.
As it has each time since 2007, the party machine has delivered a slick, well-organised campaign.
We are seeing this happen with Jeremy Corbyn, the people voted for change but even he will soon become disillusioned with the Labour party machine.
The new leader must get a much stronger grip on his party machine The same is true when it comes to Scotland.
He said he remained a social democrat and shared many Labour values, but found the party machine too much - particularly with colleagues jockeying and fighting for the top jobs.
Occasionally they utter weasel words, are photographed in the local press but at heart they are totally self-serving, arrogant and a clone for the cynical party machine.
In a city like Liverpool, with a strong socialist tradition of people standing up for the people they represent, there will always be problems when the party machine starts trying to lead the way.
The 86-year Jiang's followers are being given charge of the economy, propaganda and the Shanghai party machine.
Everyone, particularly those with a party machine, will get their chance to inform the debate ahead of a referendum, and that in itself will be the biggest gain in all this: that the voters might actually learn what the whole thing is about.