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"The Prime Minister has assumed the power of a president, using the Royal prerogatives that have survived since the Middle Ages, his huge parliamentary majority and his tight control of the Labour Party machine to be sure that he always gets his way."
The company, which describes the fire engine as ``the ultimate party machine'', said the vehicle had been in the street after the fire but it had been accidental rather than deliberate.
The division of the role between two co-chairman, announced today by Mr Howard, was seen as a means of allowing a more focused approach on the vital twin tasks of running the party machine and getting the Conservative message across.
But MPs tell me that the party machine at Millbank is a shambles, a sorry imitation of the slick outfit that won a landslide in 1997.
The Liberal Democrats were looking for a new manager to run their party machine last night after the surprise departure of chief executive Ms Elizabeth Pamplin.
The system was designed to be closed and under the control of the party machine because Labour do not trust voters.
And he called for a major overhaul to modernise the party machine for the campaign ahead.
Yet the entire Tory Party machine, once the wonder of the western political world, is this week geared to promoting the leader as an alternative Prime Minister.
The no confidence motion in the treasurer shows Salmond's control of the party machine. But he is in danger of losing it because of his misuse of that control.
The party machine has got to cuddle them a bit more.
The one cheery note was the bloody nose delivered to the Labour party machine by John Marek.
Is his personal following enough to counter the party machine? There are shades of Ken Livingstone in the way the Labour apparatus has handled a politician with an independent spirit and a commitment to his constituents.