party planks

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66, 70) Given these party planks, my recommendation is to call such an organization the "Share the Wealth Party" or the "16 to 1 Party.
They are found in various documents in the forms of resolutions, declarations, party planks, or white papers.
Some DPP leaders, especially the former Party Chairman Hsing-liang Hsu, [15] see the party plank of Taiwanese independence as a burden and consider it a key o bstacle to the DPP becoming Taiwan's next governing party.
Many DPP leaders have vowed to continue efforts to amend the constitution to include an article on "the right of referendum" in order to meet the stipulation of the party plank that the "Republic of Taiwan" be established through an island-wide referendum.
This announcement is essentially the same as the DPP's "1007 Resolution," later included in its party plank, that "Taiwan's sovereignty does not reach the Chinese mainland and outer Mongolia.
1995 Min-zhu Jin-bu Dang Dang-zhang, Dang-gang (The Party Plank of the Democratic Progressive Party).