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Some people have argued that the weak party politics Nigeria runs is a product of military authoritarianism and the authoritarian legacy we inherited.
Party politics has its own rules and regulations with norms taken as final line of action in event like the Senate elections.
The region lags behind because of petty party politics, he noted, adding that the region risks lagging behind in development while other areas develop.
What Wilentz wants to urge the reader, however, is to understand the dynamic between these two keys in order to see how an egalitarianism is fruitless or even, at its most extreme, radically dangerous if not tempered and made real in the world via the mechanisms of party politics.
You have an opportunity now to put party politics aside and just do the right thing for your constituents.
I am determined not to let party politics undermine and prevent us doing our best for Conwy.
Addressing a gathering at Banda Dost Mohammad Khan at Kohat district held in connection with peace agreement between two rival groups dispute over construction of a primary school, the advisor appealed people to rise above party politics by supporting the government's endeavours for completion of developmental projects especially in education and health sectors.
WELSH Grand National runner-up Benvolio has been bought by Patricia Thompson after being identified as a horse capable of claiming her a second Grand National victory 23 years after she won the world's most famous race with Party Politics.
Anna said no change can be brought through party politics and that there was no mention of politics in the Indian Constitution.
order to win, he said: "We genuinely had to become a national movement that was much bigger than party politics, much bigger than politicians".
I HAVE noticed that Andy Preston has had a lot of criticism lately for his campaign to end national party politics driving a local government agenda.
So people shy away from party politics but not because "tribal loyalties" have declined.