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He was always a devoted Whig, because he believed that the party system was the only available basis for representative government; but he believed also, and truly, that the Whig party, controlled though it was by a limited and largely selfish oligarchy of wealthy nobles, was the only effective existing instrument of political and social righteousness.
(79) Different from their counterparts in the 1950s, however, the Islamic parties in the contemporary party system not only accepted their 'defeat' in the constitutional debate, they also moved their parties further to the centre.
It is in these areas in Eastern Indonesia, where Golkar once used to dominate the party system at will but now struggled to adapt to the changing dynamics of local politics, that fragmentation increased most dramatically because no other single party has been able to take the place Golkar once occupied.
July 21, 2006: A month after his election, Mr Davies says his victory as an independent was a 'warning shot' to the established parties that people were fed up with the party system. 'We had no party machine,' he says.
In the progressive future of Crashing the Gate, blogs aren't going to demolish the old party system or remake Washington.
He observes the weakness of the party system in Jordan, which one might argue is caused by the regime responding to crises in the form of managing troubles rather than authentic desire for change.
There has been a lack of a specialist text on contemporary New Zealand political parties and the party system, an absence that Raymond Miller seeks to address.
The evolution of Taiwan's party system has not only been rapid, but also dramatic in nature.
Summary: Opposition wants broad reforms including Western-style party system to limit powers of emirate's ruling family.
Around the mid-1990s, the Czech party system simplified and stabilized its structure and its format.
The first President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the extended session of the polical council of Nur-Otan party explained that the majority voted system for Kazakhstan is not relevant, as it is specific for Asian countries, where the party system is not permitted, but is oriented for a specific person.
"I am all for genuine reform of the party list system and our political party system in general.