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Any person involved in a transaction or proceeding. A group of voters organized for the purpose of influencing governmental policy, particularly through the nomination and election of candidates for public office.

Plaintiffs and defendants are Parties in lawsuits, for example. They have the right to make claims and defenses, offer proof, and examine and cross-examine witnesses at trials. They can pursue appeals after unsatisfactory judgments if they satisfy designated criteria.In the United States, the Democrats and the Republicans make up the two major national political parties.


Democratic Party; Republican Party.

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n. 1) one of the participants in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding who has an interest in the outcome. Parties include plaintiff (person filing suit), defendant (person sued or charged with a crime), petitioner (files a petition asking for a court ruling), respondent (usually in opposition to a petition or an appeal), cross-complainant (a defendant who sues someone else in the same lawsuit), or cross-defendant (a person sued by a cross-complainant). 2) a person or entity involved in an agreement. 3) a common reference by lawyers to people or entities involved in lawsuits, transactions, contracts, accidents, as in "both parties knew what was expected," "he is a party to the contract," "he was not a party to the criminal conspiracy..." (See: plaintiff, defendant, petitioner, respondent, contract, indispensable party, necessary party, proper party, real party in interest)

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PARTY, practice, contracts. When applied to practice, by party is understood either the plaintiff or defendant. In contracts, a party is one or more persons who engage to perform or receive the performance of some agreement. Vide Parties to contracts; Parties to 'actions; Parties to a suit in equity.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As the paragraph continues, Nick reports on the partyers' plans for a Meal--"Tom rang for the janitor and sent him for some celebrated sandwiches that were a complete supper in themselves" (pp.
Standard Operating Procedure portrays the soldiers at Abu Ghraib as hearty partyers, fornicating, blaspheming, lying.
Before turning in, we pop into Zin Restaurant & Lounge for a nightcap; the mod red-and-purple-velvet space is packed with stylish partyers. I've found my fellow night owls.
All are extreme extroverts, huggers and partyers, long on bravado.
Downstairs, the partyers are experiencing wild mood swings and having complex, disassociated conversations (mostly about him) that are constantly interrupted by bursts of visual effects and animated sequences that disorient the cast of characters like so many lightning strikes.
Rocking a crowd of more than 800 at the Americans for Democratic Action Counter-Inaugural Gala, Hartnett, who works by day as a lawyer for the whistleblowing Government Accountability Project, and the Oxymorons had no trouble filling the dance floor at Washington's Mayflower hotel with a multigenerational crowd that answered the call to "party liberally." Grand Old Partyers arriving to celebrate in another wing of the hotel did double takes when they encountered revelers like Baltimore's Sarah McClintock, whose green brocade gown was accented with gold glitter slogans that read, "Reject the Republicans" and "Jail to the Thief." "I wanted to make a fashion statement that no one would misinterpret," announced a grinning McClintock.
The conservatives, the Tea Partyers, the insurgents - whatever you want to call them - are the loudest and most vibrant wing of the Republican Party.
Republicans, even tea partyers who came to Congress demanding deep cuts in federal spending, and Democrats rejected the Pentagon budget, sparing the aircraft, ships and troop benefits.
The normal lull between the end-of-year bashes in June and the start-of-year blowouts in late September never really arrived, and this year the partyers added fireworks to their menu of revelries.
"Going Down," Comedy; College partyers realize that they are going down for the count as the party just won't stop.
Migrant Worker's Quarters, 1997, re-created the cramped, lonely room of a migrant worker; Esiphothini (Shebeen), 1997, a meticulous simulacrum of a shebeen, a kind of South African domestic speakeasy, was replete with empty beer bottles, overflowing ashtrays, and the sounds of pop music and partyers' voices.
WASHINGTON -- House Republicans are sparing Cold War-era aircraft, military bases and ships from Pentagon cuts as even tea partyers abandon their drive to slash federal spending in an election year.