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SAIC) from the US Navy s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), with its CiscoA IOS-based ParvusA DuraMARA 5915 router and Parvus DuraNETA 30-2020 switch subsystems.
Eocene cetorhinids are referred to Keasius taylori, and Oligocene through early Miocene basking sharks are traditionally assigned to Keasius parvus.
7 cm/s in the main, intralobar, upper and lower arcuate renal arteries, respectively, along with a distinctive parvus et tardus waveform.
Eurotech subsidiary Parvus said that the DuraMAR 5915 has successfully completed military standard qualification testing to extreme MIL-STD-810G environmental conditions, MIL-STD-461F electromagnetic interference/compatibility (EMI/EMC), and MIL-STD-1275/704 power requirements.
parvus in sharing a short antennal segment I, short medial longitudinal swelling on the posterior lobe of the pronotum, not reaching its posterior margin (Figs.
It is also clear, however that, rather than being value judgments and thus aesthetic judgments as such, the adjectives magnus, mediocris and parvus refer for Tinctoris on the one hand merely to the format and the duration in time of the attendant genres, and on the other to their function within their own social and ideological contexts.
35% of the shares, are now expected to vote against the takeover, the Sunday Telegraph reported, to join Parvus Asset Management, which has already said it would vote its 3.
They will join Parvus Asset Management, which has already said it would vote its 3.
Parvus promoted DUSTIN KRAMER as the company's new vice president of sales and marketing.
In the case of Toxolasma parvus (proposed Michigan endangered) it is likely to still be present at very low density in a tributary of Plum Brook at Joseph Delia Park near site 53.
Parvus Corporation announced yesterday that is has successfully flown the Aurora Common Mission Computer (ACMC) units onboard the Excalibur - a new tactical UCAV designed to combine high speed and vertical flight using unique turbine hybrid electric propulsion.