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Novartis, a Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company, has acquired the global rights for Parvus Therapeutics' Navacim technology intended for the treatment of type 1 diabetes, it was reported yesterday.
Segmental stenosis of the renal artery: pattern recognition of tardus and parvus abnormalities with Duplex sonography.
The DuraMAR 5915 is an ultra-rugged Commercial-Off the Shelf mobile IP router subsystem based on Cisco Systems' 5915 Embedded Services Router, according to Parvus.
Parvus will make no attempts to exert influence on Havasa[euro](tm) management, the AMF filing added.
Though an adventurous and often solitary outsider, Parvus was an influential activist whose record of both decisive agitation and widely read publications is impressive.
Parvus promoted DUSTIN KRAMER as the company's new vice president of sales and marketing.
Larson, as have several of those accusing Solzhenitsyn of antisemitism, focuses on the stereotyping of Parvus.
Among the contracts awarded to WPCS, through its subsidiaries, are projects to be completed for Pratt & Whitney, Connecticut Water Company, Foxwoods Resort Casino, American Ambulance Service, Parvus Corporation, Ensco, Duquesne Light Company, Crown Castle, South Florida Water Management District and Valero Energy Corporation.
For 20 years, Parvus Corporation has specialized in providing products that are designed for embedded control environments--projects that traditionally require space-saving, rugged and highly functional components.
Complete development and systems integration services are offered by parvus Corp.
parvus can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.