pass an opinion

See: determine, find
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Filmmaker Subhash Ghai has extended support to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, saying he is entitled to "cinematic liberty" and that it is wrong for his detractors to pass an opinion without seeing the film.
Four voted for it; five votes are needed to pass an opinion.
And although it's potentially a momentous decision, altering the British political landscape permanently, bizarrely, apart from one Scottish acquaintance, I have yet to hear any of my friends mention it let alone pass an opinion.
But if he dares to open his mouth and pass an opinion, such as Hibs used strong-arm tactics to subdue his team at Easter Road on Saturday, there's mayhem.
I haven't had enough rehearsals to pass an opinion yet, and the CD has only just entered the car stereo.
I am not able to pass an opinion on the military value at the time of Dresden but I think a parallel could be drawn with Guernica which was destroyed by German aircraft during the Spanish civil war and with Warsaw when Germany attacked Poland in 1939.
"I did not see it clearly enough to pass an opinion but my players say it was a harsh decision.
Pass an opinion on Scottish football as if you know it inside out.
So who better then to pass an opinion on the likelihood of his amazing feat being repeated?
It even went further in that the inevitable whole fish would arrive towards the end of the procession of dishes and its head would be pointed at me as guest and I would be expected to try it first and pass an opinion.
And they will certainly not pass an opinion as to whether they think your product is commercially viable or not.