pass back

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I have a notion, and more than a notion, that I shall never pass back alive through these pestilential swamps.
Having dispossessed Leonardo Bonucci, Zaza underhit a pass back to Ichazo, allowing Mario Mandzukic to intercept and the Croatian was then tripped by Torino's substitute goalkeeper.
SIR Alex Ferguson has been reminding former Aberdeen player Alex McLeish about his poor pass back in the 1983 Cup Winners' Cup final as he steps up his recovery from a brain haemorrhage.
Forty-two trays, each 72" wide by 23" long and rated for 100 pounds loading on 34" centers, lower vertically and pass back into the heating zone, then exit at the top of the heating zone and pass downward through cooling.
Management of timesheets is required, details of when the operative starts a job, travelling time, time on site and completion must be recorded and be available to pass back to Servitor.
They can have my bus pass back if they'll give me back the years I lived to qualify for it.
The driver of the secure cash delivery car tried to pass back, but hit a minivan riding behind him.
To get energy from the battery, the liquids pass back though the cell and undergo the reverse chemical reaction.
After the break Menai extended their advantage as No8 Dafydd Healy picked up from the base of a scrum and exploited the blind side, passing to wing Geraint Williams who ran 30 yards to pass back inside to scrum-half Darren Jones who crossed the whitewash, Iwan Jones converting.
City were coasting in 77 minutes when the alert Craig Gunn took advantage of Ryan McGeever's short pass back to add to Dennis Wyness early opener.
He could prove hard to pass back over 5f and looks an ideal back-to-lay candidate.
It had been hoped that it would pass back into private control by November next year.