pass current

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They judge of persons as they judge of coins, and value those who pass current at a high rate.
"There are seasons in every country when noise and impudence pass current for worth; and in popular commotions especially, the clamors of interested and factious men are often mistaken for patriotism."
He was able to pass current veteran World Champion Craig Marchant to secure a podium finish.
While there is still the now-expected spot welding in great numbers in body shops, Dueweke says that they're beginning to see "a much more diverse set of joining techniques" occurring there, which is having an effect on the expectations of what a robot can do: "Robots are being called on to do more than move two inches to a spot, let a C-gun pass current through two pieces of metal, then move another two inches and so on."
CURRENT FLOWS THROUGH a diode from the anode to the cathode; it will pass current only when the potential on the anode is greater than the potential on the cathode.
The king's speech prayed to God for the people to pass current troubles, for the Eid to be a good occasion to overcome pain and attain hopes, and for mercy for the martyrs of the country and all Muslim dead.
But the tripletail just kept on drifting with the gentle Indian Pass current. When we re-positioned the boat, a third cast and short drift with another shrimp finally succeeded.
Egypt is currently going through a delicate phase, Yasser Ali, Presidential spokesman, said in a press statement, calling on various active political powers to participate in the dialogue in order to reach a national consensus on the futuristic road map, as well as to block this "opportunity on the non-democratic violent movement." Also, the spokesman noted that the dialogue was an effective procedure to pass current political scene, welcoming at the same time all different issues, files, and points of views that are to be addressed for discussion as there would be no preconditions or red lines during the dialogue.
Senate seat when she retires in 2012, may instead run for Congress if state lawmakers pass current redistricting maps, which would create a new seat in a district containing Arlington, Williams' hometown.
Sham treatment was provided by identical ear clip electrodes that did not pass current. All staff, the physicians, and the patient were blind to the treatment conditions.