pass down

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Trapping the ball just inside the time line cuts the area that must be defended in half, with P4 being the goalie, M1 denying the vertical pass down the sideline, T3 denying the middle pass, with W2 and S5 trapping the dribbler.
They can no longer pass down increased resin costs because very aggressive companies, like Home Depot and Wal-Mart, are forcing their suppliers into long-term fixed-price contracts.
The second intent of the book is to sum "up the wisdom" the author has acquired while working in the United States, assets he wishes "to pass down to new social scientists" (ix).
We have the time of delivery and tray pass down to eight to twelve minutes as a result of this team approach," noted Schultz.
This will force the defense to play them on the high side in order to prevent a post entry pass down low.
Like some mammalian musicians, stripe-backed wrens pass down song repertoires within families.
As earthquake waves pass down through the mantle, they speed up abruptly at a depth of 660 kilometers.