pass judgment

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It is easy to pass judgment on people you don't know, too.
Peering behind the people, you can pass judgment on their table skirts and little china owls; you can rate their taste in landscapes; you can strain to read the titles of their books.
Though Virgo is careful not to pass judgment on the Jamaican--"he has his own code.
For no one who has not had to face such a similar dreadful choice has the right to pass judgment on their decision.
The causes celebres thus fumed the court into a forum to which the public was called to pass judgment.
As a physician executive, you are paid to give advice and pass judgment, but it's a matter of timing.
Alan said he would assume "good faith" on the part of the complainant, and added that this would be one time he would rather not pass judgment on Pia.
Mark Cann, director of the Foundation, which stages overseas entertainment for troops, said: "We at the British Forces Foundation do not pass judgment on the rights and wrongs of wars but do think the people who serve their country, on behalf of governments the public elect, deserve the utmost respect and appreciation for what they do.
The Chelsea defender is well qualified to pass judgment because he won the World Cup with France in 1998 and twice clinched the Champions League - with Marseille against AC Milan in 1993 and the following season for AC Milan in a 4-0 battering of Barcelona.
Just as well because he won't have anything to cheer about after the British public pass judgment on him.