pass judgment upon

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References in classic literature ?
The world should not pass judgment upon the Negro, and especially the Negro youth, too quickly or too harshly.
Their behavior was often grotesquely irrational; their conventions monstrously absurd; and yet, as she brooded upon them, she felt so closely attached to them that it was useless to try to pass judgment upon them.
That said, I do not intend to pass judgment upon the selection committee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts which, along with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, has been the government agency officially authorized to administer the conferment of the National Artist Award.
The point of this chapter, which explores other instances of judgment in The Scarlet Letter, is that "if you presume to pass judgment upon others without knowing their stories, .
Chipper debate that has been a mainstay around the fantasy water cooler, I'll pass judgment upon my own predictions this season.