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TO MUSTER, mar. law. By this term is understood to collect together and exhibit soldiers and their arms; it also signifies to employ recruits and put their names down in a book to enroll them.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Pass Muster is 13lb better of with that rival off only a 4lb higher mark this afternoon and that's before taking into account the claim of his rider Mikey Ennis, who is good value for his 7lb allowance.
FAKENHAM: 1.45 Mister Frosty, 2.20 Chapolimoss, 2.55 Dreamy George, 3.35 Pass Muster, 4.15 Lord Fox, 4.55 Flash Tommie.
"I expect him to seriously consider whether these bills would pass muster constitutionally and be a check to the emotional discussion in the legislature," she said, according to the Forum.
Jimmie Don Aycock, R-Killeen, the chairman of the House Public Education Committee, talked about the prospects for school choice legislation this session - and why a business tax credit might not pass muster.
THE acquittal of a rape- cum- murder accused on the basis of a suicide note by the police officer who probed the case -- which made healines in 2006 -- has failed to pass muster with the Supreme Court.
Some green belt land can be built on, politicians now say: a statement too woolly to pass muster.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 5.20 Lady Layla, 5.50 Fayr Fall, 6.20 Al Manaal, 6.50 Sunny Side Up, 7.20 Judd Street, 7.50 Lord Franklin, 8.20 Pass Muster, 8.50 Symphony Star.
As the magazine's boss Hugh Hefner has the last say on the photo selection process, he ruled that the previous snaps just didn't pass muster.
But the merger, which would create the largest airline in the world, must still pass muster with U.S.
Remember that not all 'zines will pass muster at the prison mailroom, so if you paid for a 'zine and never got ir, it's not necessarily the 'zinester's fault.
corn (CL), an independent evaluator, recently tested multis and found that more than half didn't pass muster.