pass orders

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He pleaded with the judge to pass orders to the electronic-media regulatory body to impose a ban on coverage of contemptuous speeches of the PML-N leaders.
KARACHI -- The Sindh High Court (SHC) warned on Wednesday that it may pass orders in a money laundering case against Axact Chief Executive Officer Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh after he failed to appear for a hearing.
The Apex Court, which would set up a fresh three-member SIT to look into the matter, will tomorrow pass orders regarding the names of retired and serving Indian Police Service (IPS) officers who could be included in the committee.
The Bill establishes a Consumer Protection Authority to investigate into consumer complaints, issue safety notices for goods and services, and pass orders for recall of goods and against misleading advertisements.
I beseech the Sindh Government especially to worthy to Chief Minister to kindly cogitate on this issue and pass orders for inviting application from eligible candidates possessing postgraduate/graduate and professional qualifications for appointment against vacant posts in the District, maintaining the merit as per policy.
On any given day, judges pass orders against the land mafia, delinquent builders, individuals violating court orders and other deviants.
Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed remarked that Judges can't evacuate Margalla hills with batons in hand so elected representatives must not get angry as it is duty of Judges to pass orders.
Total quantity or scope: This is a pass orders to market pursuant to Article 77 of the Public Procurement Code.
The bench asked the high court to take up the issue as a PIL, constitute a monitoring committee; hold hearings at least once in six months and pass orders on encroachments and illegal constructions within the walled city, cleanliness, decongestion, traffic management and improvement of public utility infrastructure.
This enables Aetrex to automatically pass orders through the entire system from receipt of an order to shipping and billing.
Tipu said the special tribunal could pass orders on the petition after the hearing.